Welcome Message

Welcome to Food Allergy Families of Rockland (FAF Rockland). We are a new support group in Rockland County NY, for families with children who suffer with food allergies. You don't have to be from Rockand to join! Check back with us to find out when FAF Rockland will host our first meeting.

About Us

Food Allergy Families of Rockland (FAF Rockland), was started by two moms who have children with severe food allergies, with the idea to find support within the food allergy community. Having a child with food allergies can be overwhelming, terrifying and even lonely at times. We hope to have a monthly support group meeting where we can talk, share our tips and tricks to keep out children safe, support each other, learn how to work with schools and the community, raise awareness and even share recipes and make friends. 

You don't have to be from Rockland to join! Surrounding area residents are encouraged and welcome  to join us. Help us educate each other, our families and the community around us to make it just a little bit safer.